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Staff Bits: A Comprehensive Guide

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The Bits market is a major selling point on Xplore. From the items, features, and trading, there are many things to become familiar with. I hope this thread gives you a general and more direct understanding of how Bits work.

Part 1: Earning Bits

There are many ways to earn Bits. First, you will receive 3 Bits per thread you create and 2 Bits per post (reply) that you make.
You can increase your earnings by purchasing an upgrade. Divine receives a 1.5x boost, and Mythical receives a 2x boost.
Finally, there are Daily Challenges that you can complete to earn some extra Bits. These challenges currently include the following:

- Make a total of 25 posts in 24 hours: 100 Bits
- Make a total of 50 posts in 24 hours: 250 Bits
- Receive a total of 10 replies in your thread in 24 hours: 250 Bits
- Invite a total of 10 new members using your Referral Link in 24 hours: 1,000 Bits

Certain disclaimers may apply for applicable forums. Check the Daily Challenges page for more info.

These challenges are able to be completed once per day.

Make sure to claim your rewards daily! Once 24 hours pass, your challenges will refresh. You can claim them through this page.

Part 2: Sending / Trading Bits

Another great way to obtain Bits is through the Bits Market. This is where the latest listings from other Xplore members are posted. You can buy, sell, or trade anything related to Bits here. You can send Bits directly to another member using the Donate feature. You may also donate directly on a users profile by clicking their Bits count (next to their UID). Additionally, you can use the Trading feature to safely exchange your Bits and inventory items with other members. Remember to exercise caution in all deals!

To prevent malicious vouch farming, the minimum value of a deal for which vouching for Bits is allowed is $10.

Part 3: The Bits Store

Finally, you can spend your hard-earned Bits in the Bits Store. Here you can purchase a wide variety of things, such as (limited) username items, autobumpers, and thread styles. Take a look at the store for a better understanding of prices and how the market works.

Thank you for reading my thread regarding Bits. If you notice anything incorrect or out-of-date, please let me know and I will fix it ASAP.
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